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The Koodini Bag is available for exclusive pre-order here.

Use the top chamber of the bag to hold a roll of new dog waste bags, and stash used bags in the bottom part
of the chamber until you can dispose of it properly.

The Koodini Bag is made of easy-to-clean, water- and odor-proof Polypropylene (PP) Plastic, with a magnetic closure.

The Koodini Bag comes in two sizes to accommodate all dogs-- small and large. The small bag is 4.5 inches tall, and the large bag is 5.7 inches with the widest part at 3.5 inches. The small Koodini Bag weighs only 5 oz. and the large bag weighs 7 oz. (Weights listed do not include an inserted roll of bags).

The Koodini Bag comes with a carabiner that can attach to a variety of items, including a leash, a stroller, a purse, a backpack, etc. It also comes with a wristlet for added convenience.